Great Christian Books for Reluctant Readers!Ages 8-14
  • Commander Kellie and the Superkids
    11-Book Adventure Series
    by Christopher P.N. Maselli

    Give your kids the action-packed, Christian adventure series that will keep them turning the pages! Perfect for reluctant readers, this is the futuristic novel series that parents can trust.

    Based on the characters from Kenneth Copeland Ministries' children's movies, you'll see these ordinary kids do extraordinary things as they boldly live out their faith.

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  • Superkid Novel #1: The Mysterious Presence by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    When a secret room is found in Superkid Academy, Alex alone holds the key to discovering what's beyond its walls.

  • The Mysterious Presence

    Superkid Academy’s move to a new base seems to be progressing flawlessly–until Alex discovers a secret room in the building.

    Immediately, Commander Kellie and the Superkids are sent to investigate. Then, one by one, the Superkids begin to disappear!

    Now it’s up to Alex to save his friends and expose the mysterious presence that appears to be capturing them.

    Will the Superkids overcome the impending danger? And what truly lies beyond the walls of the hidden room?

    It will take strength and the anointing of God directing the Superkids to uncover the truth behind The Mysterious Presence!

  • Chris says...

    "This book holds a dear place in my heart because it was my first, full-length novel. If you’ve never seen the Superkids before, this book is a great introduction to each of them. I also like it because the praise songs I wrote in it are the only songs I’ve ever written."


    The power of praise

  • Superkid Novel #2: The Quest for the Second Half by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    When Paul discovers a clue to his past, his future will never be the same.

  • The Quest for the Second Half

    Orphaned 14 years ago, it’s hard for Paul to believe he’s found a clue that could lead him to what he’s missed his entire life–a real family.

    Without wasting any time, he sets out on a quest like no other! And when Missy joins him unexpectedly, their adventure turns into a hilarious mystery filled with danger and intrigue.

    Will Paul ever find his real parents? Why are the forces of darkness working so hard to keep him from the truth?

    Only a steadfast heart and a deep understanding of his relationship with God will send him in the right direction!

  • Chris says...

    "The Quest for the Second Half is my wife’s favorite of the first four Superkid adventures. I wrote it nearly a year after #1: The Mysterious Presence, and in retrospect, I can see how my writing ability grew between the two novels. This was the first novel where I really got to explore Paul’s history and play with Missy’s personality. It was quite fun to write."



  • Superkid Novel #3: Escape From Jungle Island by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    When Valerie is abandoned on a hostile island, she discovers she's not alone.

  • Escape From Jungle Island

    Looking forward to a quiet and relaxing vacation with her parents, Valerie’s plans are shattered when she is accidentally abandoned on an unfamiliar island.

    It’s all she can do to find her way home…and when she’s joined by a forsaken native boy who holds a deadly secret, every turn they take is more dangerous than the last!

    Will Valerie ever escape the treacherous Jungle Island? Will her new friend lead her in the right direction? How will she get away from all the unfamiliar territory, hostile natives and savage wildlife?

    Prepare for a jungle full of adventure and a powerful message of freedom from fear as Valerie makes her daring Escape from Jungle Island!

  • Chris says...

    "Escape from Jungle Island is my favorite of the Superkid novels. I just love the adventure. Valerie is the easiest Superkid character for me to write, I think because she’s the boldest and in many ways, the most fearless."


    Overcoming fear

  • Superkid Novel #4: In Pursuit of the Enemy by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    The last thing Alex remembered was tracking down an NME agent. In fact, that's the only thing he remembers.

  • In Pursuit of the Enemy

    Alex is the only Superkid available for what sounds like a routine tracking mission. But he soon discovers there’s more to his mission than he expected–much more.

    Suddenly, Alex finds himself in the last place he needs to be in order to save Superkid Academy: He finds himself waking up nearly two years in the future!

    Will Alex be able to stop NME’s Disater Virus in time? How can he get back to the reality he knows as the truth?

    Only listening to the Spirit of God and walking in forgiveness will lead Alex to the answer.

    Get ready for a mind-working mystery where the powers of truth and deception collide!

  • Chris says...

    "I love In Pursuit of the Enemy because it marks the introduction of my favorite villian of all time, Mashela Knavery. I liked her so much, I decided to bring her back in novels #5, #6 and #8. She’s the perfect enemy–mean, cunning…and tender."



  • Superkid Novel #5: Caged Rivalry by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    When an NME agent finds Missy's biggest weakness, will the Superkid risk losing her greatest strength?

  • Caged Rivalry

    Superkid Missy Ashton and NME Agent Mashela Knavery have only one thing in common–they’re both messing up Missy’s life. And Paul, Missy’s covenant brother, seems to care more about spending time with the captured NME agent than he does with her.

    Then when Mashela escapes, it’s a no-holds-barred race to the end…and to a final confrontation that may have Missy in deeper than she’d bargained.

    Will Missy put up with the trouble Mashela is causing? Will Paul be deceived by the NME agent? Will Mashela destroy the relationship between the two Superkids?

    Only a right heart before God and a good dose of His power will help Missy get straightened out!

    Prepare for an fight to the finish when two rivals compete in this page-turning adventure!

  • Chris says...

    "When I pitted Missy against Mashela, both characters really came to life. I enjoyed it so much, I did it again in novel #8."


    Letting go of offense

  • Superkid Novel #6: Mystery of the Missing Junk by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    Rapper is dropped headfrist into a junkyard mystery--where he discovers the one thing he must never throw away.

  • Mystery of the Missing Junk

    After being captured by an NME agent, Rapper finds himself dropped into a junkyard like a piece of unwanted trash.

    But Rapper uncovers a mystery when he catches two unlikely thieves stealing valuable items from the junkyard.

    So why doesn’t the junkyard’s owner want Rapper to help him capture the thieves? And why doesn’t his daughter want Rapper to reveal he’s a Superkid?

    Action and page-turning adventure spur a powerful message about faithfulness throughout this adventure novel starring Commander Kellie and the Superkids.

  • Chris says...

    "Finally, after five books, I got around to writing one starring Rapper. I enjoyed writing this mystery plot because it was different than anything I wrote previously, while still advancing the overall Superkids storyline."



  • Superkid Novel #7: Out of Breath by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    Three ships have vanished into thin air. It is up to Valerie to find them...without becoming the fourth.

  • Out of Breath

    Valerie and Alex are sent on a mission to find out why three SuperCopters have mysteriously disappeared…and find themselves crashing into an underwater adventure!

    Pirates, submarine ships and undersea secrets leave the Superkids desperate to discover the truth and find a way home before sunrise–when Valerie is scheduled to walk the plank.

    Will Valerie and Alex find outh what happened to the missing aircraft? And can they escape in time?

    Nothing short of trusting in the all-powerful protection of God will help them through this one!

    Maritime adventure, submarine action and the revelation of God’s protection take place in this exciting Commander Kellie and the Superkids novel.

  • Chris says...

    "Valerie, my favorite character to write, is back in this adventure that’s quite different from the rest. I wanted to get away from the standard Superkids fare, and as in the last Valerie book, I get to throw her into quite a few challenges!"


    God's protection

  • Superkid Novel #8: The Year Mashela Stole Christmas by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...except an NME mouse rat!

  • The Year Mashela Stole Christmas

    After the busiest months of her life, Missy is thrilled to spend Christmas vacation with her family, Paul and Rapper. That is, until she wakes up to find her Christmas tree destroyed and her presents missing.

    Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, all clues lead her to believe NME agent Mashela Knavery had everything to do with it.

    Who says old enemies never return?

    Will Missy ever get her Christmas back? Will she discover why Mashela’s causing such trouble–again?

    Nail-biting excitement, quirky characters and fun surprises fill this Commander Kellie and the Superkids novel about responding to persecution.

  • Chris says...

    "In this Superkid novel, which was originally the final one, I just had to bring back Mashela, my favorite villian. And nothing seemed more appropriate than having she and Missy duke it out in a beauty contest, with Paul in the flanks."



  • Superkid Novel #9: False Identity by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    Years ago, Rapper gave his word in blood. Today, his Word will be tested.

  • False Identity

    Rapper has been kidnapped. And his captors, an undercity gang called the Vipers, are holding a debt he owes them over his head.

    Suddenly Rapper finds himself in an adventure where every decision he makes could be the difference between life and death for him or someone else.

    Only a powerful discovery of who God has called him to be will help this Superkid find his way of escape!

    Throughout this entire Commander Kellie and the Superkids novel you’ll find nonstop adventure, suspense and insight into the heart of a Superkid.

  • Chris says...

    "It’s finally happened–this final trilogy in the Superkid saga has been released. I believe this book and the two following are the most powerful in the series. I hope all Superkid book fans, even those who are older now, take some time to jump into these. You won’t be disappointed!"


    Identity in Christ

  • Superkid Novel #10: The Runaway Mission by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    When a young boy disappears, Valerie and Missy follow his lead!

  • The Runaway Mission

    When Valerie and Missy are mysteriously thrown on the street with the homeless, it doesn’t take long for them to realize they are there for a reason.

    The reason is named Lincoln Furlong-a boy who is on the streets himself, looking for his mother. But when they suddenly discover homeless men and women are disappearing without a trace, they realize they have a mystery on their hands…a mystery that may lead them to more surprises than they can imagine!

    Will Valerie and Missy be able to help Lincoln find his mother? Or will the streets take their toll on them before they have a chance? And what do all the rumors about disappearances have to do with them?

    Get ready for a fast-paced mission filled with action-packed twists and a strong exercise in the power of hope!

  • Chris says...

    "This second book in the final trilogy features Valerie and Missy, the two Superkid girls. It addresses the issue of the homeless in a way only a futuristic Superkid series can–very adventurously! I really like the heart-touches in this book, as well as the mystery and suspense. I hope you will too!"



  • Superkid Novel #11: The Knight-Time Rescue of Commander Kellie by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    The Blue Squad leader is imprisoned in a medieval, holographic adventure...and so are her rescuers.

  • The Knight Time Rescue of Commander Kellie

    Commander Kellie has been captured and it was Paul’s fault. Now it’s up to him, Rapper and Alex to rescue her no matter what it takes.

    But Commander Kellie isn’t just a prisoner. She’s been jailed in a completely holographic environment-with knights, horses, castles and...a dragon.

    The Superkids know dragons aren’t real, but someone has programmed a very convincing one to protect their new prize!

    Will Paul, Rapper and Alex be able to find Commander Kellie? Will they be able to rescue her in time? And how will they ever defeat a fire-breathing dragon?

    Put on your full suits of armor with the Superkids in this extraordinary adventure!

  • Chris says...

    "The final book in this final Superkid adventure trilogy is my favorite of all the Superkid books. I had always wanted to write a book taking place in the medieval times. Researching the subject matter was a blast, and then pitting the Superkid guys against a dragon was so much fun. Beneath the text is strong imagery into the life of the believer, battling the enemy with God’s Word. I hope you have as much fun reading this one as I did writing it."


    The integrity of the Bible

  • Commander Kellie and the Superkids Power Pack DVD Movie Collection

    Four great Commander Kellie and the Superkids movies on DVD!

  • Commander Kellie and the Superkids Power Pack

    Combining action, suspense, special effects and the power of the Word, it's great movie fun for the whole family!

    Get the Commander Kellie and the Superkids Power Pack, containing ALL FOUR Superkids movies on DVD, including:

    1. Judgment: The Trial of Commander Kellie - With Kenneth Copeland

    2. The SWORD - With Kenneth Copeland and Mylon LeFevre

    3. Armor of Light – With Kenneth Copeland and Mylon LeFevre

    4. The Intruder – With Carman

    Discover the power of God's Word in these explosive movies today!

  • Chris says...

    "For those wondering about my connection to these films, I co-wrote Armor of Light and The SWORD and I did a lot of re-writing for Judgment: The Trial of Commander Kellie. I didn’t do any work on The Intruder, but it’s fun to see where the Superkids began."


    Sharing God's Word, wearing God's armor, redemption, covenant promises

See what readers are saying...

  • Your books provide plenty of action and backup for showing scriptural truths as being part of daily life. More power to you when you can motivate my kids both in wanting to read and reading “good stuff."

    Margaret, Iowa
  • Rave reviews for Mr. Maselli from my 9 year old. I like for my daughter to know that her “peers” seek God in every situation. Stories like these make serving God real and natural.

    Camille, Texas
  • Escape from Jungle Island is one of the best books I have ever read. You never know what to expect. I highly recommend this and all the Superkids adventures to children of all ages and their parents. It is a fun read-aloud book. Reviewer, Idaho
  • When I read the Superkid books, they help me think of solutions to my problems.

    Ariel, age 11, Colorado
  • I thought this book is the best book I ever read in my whole life. When I was reading I felt like I was going to cry because it was so good.

    Kristina, age 8, South Dakota
  • I am glad that you have the Superkids go though getting over the hurt from other people because it is helping me learn how to get though pain that people have thrown at me. Thank you for writing wonderful books. They have helped me in many ways.

    Tiffany, age 15, Iowa
  • My daughter has been struggling to find books that will keep her interested. At 11 years of age she has finally sat down and completed a book within one weeks time...Thanks to the Superkids series.

  • My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed your Superkid novels. Okay, I enjoyed them also. You are an excellent author, and I look forward to finding (and sneakily reading before my daughter does) more of your work.

  • I have read all the Superkid books, and I believe they are my favorite series. I didn’t know it was possible for such good books to exist! Worth every penny. Each one was filled with excitement, but the Word of God was the key to the success of every adventure. They encouraged me to learn God’s Word as nothing ever has before. I am a Superkid!

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